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HFX DOG is an independently owned dog walking and canine play area located in downtown Halifax. Started out of love for animals and people alike, we commit ourselves to ensuring all our guests receive the best of care. ​

Our canine play area and dog walking provides your furry friends with an environment that fulfills their mental & physical needs while giving you peace of mind whether you’re at work, running errands or just wanting a place to take your dog for you both to play and socialize with new friends! 

Whether you and your dog are staying to play, or just your dog in the canine play area, or we're out walking your dog, they will be in great hands during their time with us.



Tori has always had a love for animals having lived in the country and growing up in New Brunswick being surrounded by all types of animals all of her life. It only made sense that she eventually found her passion and opened up her own dog walking business.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to HFX Dog with having started her own dog walking business (The Halifax Dog Walker) over 10 years ago in Halifax, NS.  She has worked with hundreds of dogs over the years as well building a reputable name for herself in the pet industry as dependable, reliable and trustworthy and being known as one of the best dog walkers in the city.


Jill spent many summers in Harvey, New Brunswick visiting her uncle who was a veterinarian. That is where she found her love of animals at a very young age. Helping her uncle on the farm, as well, helping him with his favorite show dogs, his beagles and whippets. She was fortunate to have the experience of helping her uncle deliver beagle puppies, something that she has never forgotten.

It was an easy decision to make after being in business management for 13 years to leave the business world behind and follow her true passion since she was a kid, to work with animals again. Jill joined Tori over 5 years ago as a dog walker and has loved every minute of it. She has also been an avid pet owner all of her life currently owning three rescue cats named Finnigan, Oliver and Gus and one rescue dog named Sophie.

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