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HFX DOG is the only canine play area located in downtown Halifax!

Our canine play area provides much needed playtime, exercise and socialization for your pet. Even those who aren’t bursting with energy can become bored and lonely. Without enough exercise and stimulation, dogs can become frustrated and engage in inappropriate behaviors.

Whether your dog is full of puppy joy, going through the terrible two’s, enjoying canine wisdom or in need of burning off some extra love chub, canine play area is sure to provide plenty of noticeable benefits. Regular play builds confidence and improves communication with other four-legged friends.

More reasons to visit HFX DOG:

  • 3,000 sq. ft.  indoor space and 4,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space for dogs to play and exercise

  • Indoor play area covered with rubber flooring to protect your dog and reduce stress on their joints and muscles

  • Separate space for meal time, which allows time for their stomach to digest

  • High Quality turf outdoors for your dog's comfort and safety

  • Indoor dog beds and pet cots for dogs needing to take a nap or a break from all the fun

  • Outdoor pools and sprinklers to cool off in the summer months

  • Dogs are supervised 100% of the time 

A Happy Dog is a Tired Dog!

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