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Are you constantly running home to let your dog out? Do you spend your lunch break and your social engagements stressing about your dog’s needs and your commitment to their well-being? HFX DOG can help.

We were one of the first dog walking companies located in Halifax, with over 10 years of experience. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of pet care for your dog. 

That is why we have designed our daily dog walking program to promote your dog’s physical and mental health, teach them and get them tired, all while supporting you and your personal lifestyle.


All dog walks include basic training and our dog walker follow the exact routines you have created for your dog, so you will only see improvements in your dog’s behavior and habits.


All visits include cleaning them up and replenishing the water bowl after each walk. Feeding can be added to the visit at no additional cost.  Schedule your Meet & Greet today.


How it works

Before committing to being your dog walker, we require a free meet and greet consultation with you and your dog. During this meeting, we will:

  • Observe the dog’s habits, discipline level, and behavior with other dogs, people, and environmental elements

  • Do a general temperament assessment

  • Learn about your dog’s feeding needs (where applicable)

  • Make a list of your verbal and physical commands

  • Verify that your dog/s are up to date on vaccinations and medical check-ups

  • Get a copy of their Vet’s contact information

  • Get an emergency / alternative contact

  • Learn about what services you need, and how you expect them to be performed

  • Answer any questions that you may have

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